Return codes

XML messages returned by the API server

After having processed your request, our serveur will return a specific message. This can either be an informational message, to confirm that your request has been processed sucessfully, or an error message.

If you use a script that parses this result, do not make the actions of the script depend on the #MESSAGE# value as the messages are subject to modifications. Rather consider using the #CODE# value as the codes will not be subject to modification anymore.

XML Template
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response xmlns="">
    <result code="#CODE#">

<result> (Occurences: 1)
R #CODE# Returned code
<msg> (Occurences: 1)
R #MESSAGE# Description

List of the possible codes
200 Command failed
220 This domain name has a wrong syntax
225 Unsupported IDN characters detected
240 Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) not available
270 This TLD is not in claims period
280 This domain is premium, please contact support
300 This domain is not eligible to claim
301 An error occured while querying the claim key of this domain
302 XML Notice for this domain is currently unavailable
303 Bad XML notice id
304 Accepted date can't be in future
305 Accepted date too early
306 Accepted date too late
307 Domain name invalid for this claim key
308 An error occured while loading the config
309 Claim key not specified
310 Notice id not specified
311 Accepted date not specified
312 Accepted ip not specified
313 Bad claim key
314 Too many domains specified
400 Internal Error
666 Drop catching methods are strictly forbidden
1000 Command completed successfully
1001 Command completed successfully, action pending
2101 Internal SQL Error
2201 XML Missing
2202 XML Syntax Error
2203 Internal XML Error
2301 Internal OBJECT Error
2306 Parameter value policy error
3101 There is already a pending action for this domain
4101 There are no domains corresponding to your search criteria in your account
4102 Insufficient funds to perform this operation
4103 Payment method not specified
4105 This action can only by made with accounts having the invoice payments enabled
5000 You may not perform this action
5001 The Licensee for .EU domains has to be in the European Union
5002 This domain cannot be registered in 'No Sunrise'
5003 This domain has already been registered with this sunrise
5004 You have already registered this domain for this type
5010 Only generic TLDs may be locked and/or unlocked
5011 The specified domain will expire soon, you may not update it
5012 The specified domain expires too soon or is already expired, you may not renew it
5013 A domain can be renewed at the earliest 60 days before the expiration date
5014 Update for this tld is not allowed
5015 The registry probibite update for domain bought in sunrise period
5016 This domain cannot not be transfered
5017 The specified domain expires too soon, you may not change its renewal mode
5025 There is already a registration process for this domain
5026 The specified domain has already been scheduled to be transfered
5027 Transferring this domain requires an authorisation code
5029 Currently we do not offer transfers for domains under the specified top level domain
5030 The specified contact is not in your account or does not exist
5111 The specified domain is not in your account or does not exist
5112 The specified domain does not exist or has not been ordered by you
5211 The specified domain is already locked
5212 The specified domain has already been scheduled to be locked
5221 The specified domain is not locked
5222 The specified domain has already been scheduled to be unlocked
5301 The provided data is incomplete and/or incorrect
5401 The specified subuser already exists
5403 The specified subuser does not exists
5404 The specified subuser is not attached to this API account
5405 The specified subuser may not be deleted; it is the main user of your API account
5411 The password and/or the login of the subuser is not correct
5421 There are no subUsers for your account
5501 Invalid contact profile ID specified
5521 Invalid nameserver profile ID specified
5531 Invalid zone profile ID specified
5551 This contact profile may not be deleted
5561 This contact profile could not be created
5571 This user account could not be created
5601 No poll message for the specified id found
5651 There are currently no poll messages in your account
6101 Invalid domain name specified
6102 Invalid domain roid specified
6103 Invalid ordered domain name specified
6104 This domain seems to be free. Try to register instead of transferring it
6105 This domain is not available
6106 This domain has already been queued for a similar action
6107 Invalid top level domain specified
6108 This domain already exists in our database
6109 This domain is already expired and will be deleted shortly
6111 Invalid subscription period specified
6121 Subscription period too short
6122 Subscription period too long
6131 Invalid format for contactID specified
6132 Invalid format for recordID specified
6133 Invalid renewal mode specified
6141 Invalid priority for this nameserver specified
6142 Invalid domain for this nameserver specified
6143 Invalid ip for this nameserver specified
6144 Not enough nameservers specified
6145 Too many nameservers specified
6146 For domains under this TLD the nameservers may not be updated
6147 This nameserver profile could not be created
6161 Invalid IPv4 format specified
6162 This IP address does not exist in your account
6163 The specified IP address already exists
6164 Maximum of IP addresses reached
6171 You do not need to perform a trade to modify the organisation contact of this domain
6172 You have to perform a trade to modify any field of the organisation contact of this domain
6173 You have to perform a trade to modify the first/last name or the company of the organisation contact of this domain
6174 To perform a trade you have to specify the organisation contact
6175 Currently we do not offer the possbility to perform trades for domains under the specified top level domain
6502 There is no folder with the specified folderid
6506 An error occured while creating the the folder
6508 An error occured while removing the the folder
6510 An error occured while deleting the the folder
6602 The specified mailbox has not been found
6603 Maximum number of mailboxes reached
6604 The specified mailbox already exists
6605 You have to specify a password for the mailbox
6606 The specified alias has not been found
6607 This mailbox has not been flagged for deletion, it cannot be deleted
6608 The specified alias already exists
6609 The local-part of the address is not valid
6610 Maximum number of aliases reached for this mailbox
6611 Maximum number of emails reached for this mailing list
6612 The specified email has already been black/whitelisted
6613 The specified email has already been whitelisted
6614 The specified email has already been blacklisted
6615 The specified email has not been black or whitelisted
6616 The specified email has not been whitelisted
6617 The specified email has not been blacklisted
6618 The specified password doesnt match with your current password
6619 The email is already defined as an alias or a mailing list.
6620 Invalid policy specified
6621 The specified email already exist in the mailing list
6622 Invalid Eurodns UserID
6624 Flag not set for user deletion
6625 Your mailing list name can not be the same as one of your email name
6626 Unable to send e-Mail from support to the new e-Mail account.
6630 The specified quota is too large
6634 User name too long. The user name exceeds 48 characters.
6640 The alias can only be created for the same domain
6651 The alias is not a valid email address
6652 The specified email address is not valid
6660 Invalid username. Only letters [a-z] [0-9] [.-_] are allowed.
6665 Invalid password. Only letters [a-z] [0-9] [.-_#&] are allowed.
6670 Invalid e-mail address for black/white list.
6675 Username not specified.
6676 The owner of one of the mail in the mailing list does not exist
6677 One of the email in the mailing list does not exist
6678 The mailing list does not exist
6685 Question is not defined.
6686 The question is empty.
6687 The answer is empty.
6688 The maximum number of answer tries has been reached
6689 The data is invalid.
7001 Unable to load user information
7002 Unable to load user discounts
7101 Command sucessful, there was however an error debiting your account, you will be invoiced
7201 Unable to create a new order
7301 Failed to create a domain from your XML code
7302 Failed to load a domain using your XML code
7311 Failed to check domain availability
7401 Could not load specified object
8001 Unknown Internal Error
8002 Unknown command received
9997 Username and/or password missing
9998 The IP address is not in the list of allowed IP addresses
9999 Wrong username and/or wrong password specified