Domain reseller – over 800 ways to make a profit

We’ve got a whopping 800+ extensions, including country code, generic, and new gTLDs. As a EuroDNS domain reseller, you can have access to all through one simple API call. Once you're a domain reseller you can quickly and easily deploy new domains, increasing the likelihood that your customers’ domain names will be available. Our team works closely with global domain registries and has the lowdown on all the complicated registration rules.

What you need to get started

Reseller installation guide - EuroDNS Account

1. EuroDNS Account

To get started, you will need to have an active EuroDNS account.

Reseller installation guide - EuroDNS API

2. EuroDNS API

You will need access to the EuroDNS API. Create your account now or contact our sales team

Whmcs License

3. WHMCS License

An up to date WHMCS installation and a valid WHMCS license.