Check for availability

To find out whether a domain is still available or not, you can send the following request to our server. If you specify multiple domains, do not forget to increase the timeout value of your scripts as it may take a couple of seconds before our server will return an answer.

Please note that this service is not available for all top-level domains and that the number of daily requests is limited. This limitation is necessary due to the fact that most of the registries limit the number of allowed requests and blacklist IP addresses exceeding this limit.

You can find the number of allowed request in the section Your profile > Allowed requests.

XML Template
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <request xmlns:domain="">

<domain:check> (Occurrences: 1)

<domain:name> (Occurrences: 1+)

Note: Repeat this section to check multiple domains in one request

R #DOMAIN.TLD# Name of the domain to check for availability
If the action was successful, the following code will be returned:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <response xmlns:domain="">
        <result code="1000">
            <msg>Command completed successfully</msg>
                    <domain:name avail="#AVAILABILITY#">#DOMAIN.TLD#</domain:name>
                    <domain:reason code="#CODE#" lang="#LANGUAGE#">#STATUS DESCRIPTION#</domain:reason>

<resData> (Occurrences: 1)

<domain:check> (Occurrences: 1)

<domain:cd> (Occurrences: 1+)

Note: If multiple domains have been specified, this section will be repeated

R #DOMAIN.TLD# Name of the checked domain
R #AVAILABILITY# Whether the domain is available or not (true/false)
R #CODE# Code of the description
R #LANGUAGE# Language of the description
R #STATUS DESCRIPTION# Description of the returned status

List of the possible values

true 100 en This domain is available
false 200 en This domain is taken
false 210 en Invalid top-level domain specified
false 211 en Domains under this top-level domain cannot be checked for availability
false 220 en This domain name has a wrong syntax
false 230 en This domain has been blacklisted
false 231 en This domain name is not allowed by the registry
false 240 en We do not offer the registration of internationalised domain names (IDN)
false 250 en Another client has ordered this domain for the landrush
false 251 en We have already received documents for the Sunrise 1 period of this domain
false 252 en There is a pending application for the domain
false 260 en Timeout while connecting to the WHOIS server, please try again later
false 300 en An error occurred whil querying this domain
false 301 en Unknown error


O The element is optional and does not have to be specified in the request and/or answer
R The element is mandatory and has to specified in the request and/or answer